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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where is Borat when we really need him?

If you haven't caught up with the Bill Clinton/Kazakhstan story in today's New York Times, you really ought to, although apparently George H.W. Bush has been doing much the same thing for years. Here's my favorite part, about a certain meeting, buried near the end: "Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Giustra at first denied that any such meeting occurred. Mr. Giustra also denied ever arranging for Kazakh officials to meet with Mr. Clinton. Wednesday, after The Times told them that others said a meeting, in Mr. Clinton’s home, had in fact taken place, both men acknowledged it....Wednesday, Mr. Clinton’s spokesman, Ben Yarrow, issued what he called a “correction.” The man they met even has a photo of him taken with Bill that day in Chappaqua.

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