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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why polls got Barack win so wrong

One idea, anyway: My friend WIll Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News over at his Attytood blog recalls the time-tested phenomenon of white voters telling pollsters they will vote for a black, because they don't want to admit they will have a very hard time doing that in the end. Chuck Todd, political director at NBC, seems to back the "race" angle in the poll fiasco. Asked why this didn't happen in Iowa, he points out that it was a caucus vote, with people having to declare themselves openly. In New Hampshire they could pull the curtain and vote privately. Here's the Attytood link:

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Unrepentant said...

I find this media theory pretty outrageous--Chris Matthews and company are calling the voters of New Hampshire both racist AND liars. I realize it's a real issue--saw it happen to Dinkins here in New York. But the exit polls don't agree, if I understand this correctly. It was the huge number of new voters and independents. And the polling stopped too early.
By the way, and I say with great sorrow, the Republicans haven't even begun to turn the hate machine loose on Obama. It's been focused on the Clintons. Wait til they get started. We're already seeing clowns refer to Obama as "Barack Mohamad Hussein Obama." It hasn't gotten started yet. Wait til they do. Sickening.