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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama wins, McCain hits him -- preview of the fall?

Networks have called Wisconsin for Obama -- he leads 58% to 41% with 99% of vote in -- another landslide. Heavy independent vote once again proved the difference, with exit polls showing he barely carried Democrats. Big gender gap: He won white males by 2-1 while she easily carried white women. The worst news for Clinton: After tonight Obama might lead by 150 in elected delegates. It now looks like, at best, she will only make slight gains in Texas and Ohio -- meaning that while the super-delegates could save her, they won't, due to popular pressure. NBC's Chuck Todd projects she would have to win over 60% of delegates in remaining races to gain the edge, which is virtually impossible.

Obama came on stage in Texas, bumping Hillary off the air in her speech, showing advantage of being top dog. But the election night speeches are now made at rallies, and go on forever -- not the tidy 10 minute celebrations/concessions of the past. So you can't really blame him. McCain wons to wrap things up, blasted Obama, citesd his lack of experience in foreign affairs, and said, “Thank you, Wisconsin, for bringing us to the point when even a superstitious naval aviator can claim with confidence and humility that I will be our party’s nominee for President.” Anyone staying up for the Hawaii results? UPDATE: Obama won there too, by a narrow 76% to 24%, for his 10th in a row. Staggering stat of the night: Democratic turnout in Wisconsin topped GOP by nearly 3-1. Gore and Kerry had carried the state by very slim margins.

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