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Saturday, March 29, 2008

'L.A. Times' reviews my book

First big city newspaper review, though short, by Richard Rayner on Sunday: "Mitchell's book, an annotated collection of pieces that he's written for Editor & Publisher over the last five years, has a big central polemic: 'This book explores how the media helped get us into Iraq and then for many years did not do enough to point the way out.' The media helped dig the hole, Mitchell says, and his argument works best and feels most forceful when he gets into the gritty particulars of the stuff that has gone underreported in these last years. He details, for instance, the ins and outs of the blood money paid to Iraqis who lose family members in non-combat situations, and tells the story of Basam Ridha, the holder of an engineering degree (and a former actor who appeared in the George Clooney film ) who now plans high-level executions back in Iraq. Much of this has a surreal 'Catch-22' feel but, of course, Mitchell's not making it up."


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