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Sunday, March 9, 2008

'Wire' reporter wins that Pulitzer

I finally gave up on The Wire a few weeks back but was curious (given my job) what would happen with the Sun reporter who made shit up. In the final mash up at end we briefly see him picking up some parchment at a podium labeled Columbia University. Some of us know that's where the Pulitzers are handed out, but surely it must have gone over the head of many watchers....But we get the point....The female reporter who knew his notebook was empty got shipped out to a bureau so she wouldn't stand in the way of the big prize....Just because I am a giant Steve Earle (who appeared regularly in the show) fan, here is how Season 2 ended, with the big boy's "I Feel Alright."


Ian said...

what do you mean you gave up on The Wire...those last 2 episodes were some of the best of the entire series.

Anonymous said...

Having worked at a Tribune paper years ago, I can say that is EXACTLY what would have happened. I was not surprised that Alma got the boot. Those papers hate for anyone to speak out and get in the way of what will sell papers or win them accolades. Upstanding journalists and nice guys do not finish first in that company and that is exactly why a lot of them are struggling ... Look at all the assholes running the papers.

The episode being titled "-30-" was a nice touch too. None of my friends got that.