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Sunday, April 20, 2008

That bombshell 'NYT' story on Pentagon/media propaganda

You have probably heard about it by now, but I have three separate stories up about it at E&P, and postings at Huff Post and Daily Kos. Here is one overview:

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Ian said...

well, so what. more "revelations" that the mainstream media outlets failed to do basic journalism and check the backgrounds of people they quoted and gave space to. people will still read them. they will still fail us. politicians will still manipulate them, and the circle continues. why is this even a story. was this really even debated? were the millions of people smart enough to protest this war to begin with duped by these talking heads. hell no. they didnt listen to us then, they dont listen to us now, they just keep putting bill kristol and tony snow and everyone else who is a mouthpiece for the government up there.