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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Iraq vet suicide

I am tired of writing these stories, but will soldier on. For the soldiers.

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patricia maire said...

I am a veteran and also extremely concerned about the educated idiots that are taking care of, and going to be taking care of our soldiers in Iraq. I live in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. and my husband and myself have only the VA Healthcare system to go to. Its a nightmare. My husband has cancer and would most likely be dead if I wasn't constantly telling the VA to "TAKE CARE OF HIM". It's very disturbing that I know more about his problem, from looking on the computer, then they do. Please allow me one example:There are three different kinds of skin cancer.Basel cell, Squamour cell, and the big bad Melanoma. He was initially being treated for basel cell and squamous cell on his arms and chest. He was going every two weeks to have tumors removed. I noticed a small cluster of moles that formulated into a perfect round circle on the back of his neck. They were taking care (not) of his arms and hands when I mentioned the moles on his neck. They "assured" us it was nothing and removed two tumors from his arm and hands. Many phone calls later, they biopsied his neck, and found Melanoma. A week later we got a phone call, he went in, and a different doctor told him if he had waited six months longer, he wouldn't have made it. IF HE HAD WAITED?!!!! They accept no responsibity for their actions. The scar on his right hand (where they again assured us that they got all the cancer) started formulating into another tumor. More phone calls and e-mails later, he went in last week and the doctor didn't even biopsy it. She took it off, left a huge impression on his hand,(thats how deep it was) and told him the pathology report wrong. They didn't get all the cancer. "It was a good thing he didn't wait". Am I the only one seeing a problem here? Our babies in Iraq are killing theirself because they know somethings wrong with them and NOBODY CARES. I've been in the VA healthcare system for over twenty years and I also have a nervous system thats shot. They throw pills at you, have absolutely no desire to talk to you, and when you have a physical problem, they act like your a junkie that wants drugs. Admittely I have talk to thousands of veterans over the years that are addicted to narcotics simply to drown out the voices in their head. Does anybody with any degree of intelligence really beleive they want to live that way? If these people had weak characters, would they have been able to protect this country? NO! You can only cannibalize your brain for so long, and if nobodies there to break your fall, what are you suppose to do? How are you suppose to give "hope" to anybody that tells you for hours whats wrong with them, when you know yourself there is no hope with the VA's in this country. I am a speck of sand that can only try to inspire the people around me to improve the quality of their life. I cannot fight a government. I've tried though.