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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joe the Schmoe: Lieberman Needed Obama's Help in 2006, Now Turns Against Him

That's gratitude for you. Now he hints that Obama may be a Muslim or even a Marxist.

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badgervan said...

What in the world is wrong with Harry Reid? Joe Liarman has not only shoved the knife in... he's slowly twisting it by the day.
Kick this worthless turd OUT of all things Dem, especially off of committee assignments.
One of the smartest things Reid could do would be publically and loudly removing Liarman from committees... it would immediately please 99% of loyal Dems no end.
I wonder if Harry realizes just how weak he appears to us; how frustrated he makes us.
No more words, Harry... we demand action. Throw Liarman OUT.