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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beck As In Wreck?

NYT just out with big piece on Glenn Beck announcing today that he is going "activist" in an even bigger way: "Mr. Beck is styling himself as a political organizer. He says he will promote voter registration drives and sponsor a series of conventions across the country featuring conservative speakers, all leading up to a rally in Washington in August to coincide with the release of his book on conservative proposals for the country.

"In an interview, Mr. Beck chose his words carefully about his plans and would not say how directly he might support particular candidates. But he made clear that he intends to help elect politicians aligned with his limited-government world view. On Saturday he was to hold a campaign-style rally in The Villages in Florida, north of Orlando, and announce his plans." Mediaite with long summary and excerpts from his "plan" here. He previews it in video below:

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