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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Wash Post' Provides Index of People in Palin Book--And Some Denials

The Sarah Palin book has no index, so people she might have praised or slammed have to either stand up in a bookstore and skim the whole thing or actually buy it. Now the Washington Post has provided a handy people index, which is searchable, or you can read all the remarks--PLUS comments from some of the people.

Who knew that she was upset that Kid Rock would not show up at a rally just for her--would do it only if McCain there? Also, she calls him the fine type of "common sense conservative." Kid Rock?

And her revelation re: pastor Rick Warren: "Palin mentions talking to and praying with Warren while in the shower, 'in a few inches of water with a shower curtain for a wardrobe.'"

A couple of days ago, when an excerpt related to her SNL appearance surfaced, I wrote that I hope Alec Baldwin would fact-check. Now he has. Here is the Wash Post bit. It relates to Palin's claim that the show unfairly cut her line reminding Baldwin that he had promised to leave the country if John Kerry lost in 2004.

According to EW, Baldwin’s rep says the reason that line was turned down was because the actor never made that claim. "'They nixed the joke because the underlying premise just wasn’t true," Baldwin’s rep, Matt Hiltzik, tells EW on behalf of Baldwin. . . . But once Palin knew that, after telling her [it wasn't true], she said, "Well, let’s say it anyway," like she needed it to be true.'”


mikeconwell said...

Hilarious. It was STEVEN Baldwin who said he would leave the country.


Jeff said...

Umm, she was praying with Warren OVER THE PHONE! Sheesh.

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