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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Take That, Jacko

Amused to find myself listed as #18 on year-end list of "famous people" who had a bad year in 2009. This puts me behind Tiger, Madoff and Carrie Prejean but ahead of Mark Sanford (who may be impeached) and Michael Jackson -- who died! So I guess that puts the tragic folding of E&P in some perspective. Here's their writeup on me:

While seemingly nothing can stop the growth of bloggers, the newspaper industry hasn’t been so fortunate. Editor & Publisher, which had covered the industry since 1884, has officially stopped the presses. Greg Mitchell, the journal’s editor was shocked when the sale of E&P’s parent company led to the immediate stop in production. But people who have been watching the demise of print journalism as we know it probably saw this coming.

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