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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Protests Rock Death Penalty in USA -- As My New Book Arrives

As protests against the death penalty expand,  following the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia,  I'd like to point readers to my  new e-book (also for all phones), just out this week,  Dead Reckoning:  Executions in America. 

It's my second take on this subject, following the major book I co-wrote with Robert Jay Lifton eleven years ago, Who Owns Death?   The new book probes the issue,  from noose to  needle and,  thanks to the wonders of modern e-publishing, it carries right through to the past week  (the Troy Davis case and beyond).  And it predicts the end of capital punishment in America.  Beyond my own views, it includes commentary by abolitionists ranging from Charles Dickens and Mark Twain to Albert Camus and Christopher Hitchens -- and Steve Earle.

I'd like to think it is "must-reading" for anti-death penalty activists and others just now getting interested in this subject, as it raises an array of relevant issues for 2011 and beyond.  Thanks to the wonders of modern publishing, the book is  updated to just a few days ago.

You can read more about it or order the e-book (for just $2.99)  at Amazon.  It works with Kindle, but also with all phones, blackberrys, PCs and Macs (in other words, no Kindle needed).     Twitter:  @GregMitch.  My email: epic1934@aol.com.

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