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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Important New Doc on Netflix Now

Out of the blue last week, the team behind A Second Knock on the Door notified me, via Twitter (yes), that pieces I had written a few years back when I was the editor of Editor & Publisher--and writing regularly about the deaths of our troops in war zones due to suicides, accidents and friendly fire--had inspired the film.  At least one of families that I wrote about are featured in the film.  So I was happy to learn tonight via their Twitter feed that the film is now airing via Netflix, where I will no doubt screen it very soon.  Here's the site for the film.   Their Twitter feed is @5414productions.

The filmmakers: "Through interviews and investigative reports, this film explores key incidents that forced families of the fallen to embark on individual but integrally linked quests for the truth after the Army attempted to bury the truth within the fog of war." Trailer:

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