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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cliff Dwelling

I'd forgotten that the Agenda Project, which this week brought us the popular "Romney Girl" video, had earlier courted controversy with that Paul Ryan-throws-granny-off-the-cliff vid, hitting his Medicare stance.  In fact, I heard a couple of talking heads recall, and denounce, it today.  Now the Agenda Project has just updated the ad (to air in four swing states next week) after the Ryan pick today.  Although to be realistic--if you can believe the media claims on Ryan as Mr. Nice Guy--I believe the fella in the video would say, "Sorry, mam" as he tossed her. 

In an email, Erica Payne, director of the Agenda Project, says, "It's pretty straight forward - Mitt Romney chose a radical Medicare-hater as his running mate. Now Americans get to decide if the Medicare-haters run the country."

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