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Monday, August 6, 2012

FBI Seeking 'Person of Interest' in Sikh Temple Case--and White Power Folks Respond

In a bizarre development, the FBI now says they are seeking a man--who, like alleged shooter Wade Page, bore a 9/11 tattoo--who was photographed (left) and videotaped (follow link and look to lower left) yesterday as he captured images of Sikhs gathered in the parking lot near the incident after it transpired.  UPDATE  Man has now been ruled out as suspect.

Also, some postings on the leading white power forum, at Storm Front.  Some debate over the killings--many condemn murder, a few hail his bravery and being able to make a "point," others claim that with all this "multiculturalism" the Sikhs were "asking for it."  Classic: "Well we do want them gone, just not like this."   And:  "I have an alibi."  Also:  if they'd "been packing" fewer would have died.  Wait: they hate Sikhs but want them all carrying guns?

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