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Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOP Candidate for Sheriff: Might Use Lethal Force to Prevent Abortion

Yes, you read that right, and it was all on the record with the local New Hampshire media.  "A Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff said Wednesday that he believes elective abortions are unlawful and he wouldn't reject the use of deadly force to stop them.  Frank Szabo said that as sheriff, he would arrest any doctor performing elective or late-term abortions in his jurisdiction....

But Szabo may have inflamed the issue further when asked if he would use deadly force to prevent an abortion. "I would respond specifically by saying that if someone is under threat, a full-grown human being, if they're under threat, what should the sheriff do? Everything in their power to prevent them from being harmed," he said. When pressed about what he would do if he learned that a doctor was about to perform an elective abortion, Szabo replied he would do what it took to prevent that from happening."

UPDATE  He has now apologized.  They all do, after revealing what they really believe.  "In making comments yesterday, I let my passionate stance against abortion get the better of me."

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