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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hollywood vs. Teachers?

Frank Bruni has column in tomorrow's NYT on the upcoming Hollywood movie, Won't Back Down,  starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as a parent who takes action amid mounting frustration with teachers at her daughter's elementary school.  Apparently it paints as villains the local teachers union, which protects bad apples and resists change.  Holly Hunter, who plays a teacher in the film, says, "When did Norma Rae become the bad guy?"  And, natch, a main funder for the film is an advocate of "school privitazation."  Notes:  GOP-inspired  cuts have taken 300,000 teachers' job since 2009.

As you may have read, Randy Weingarten, the national teachers union leaders, has been tweeting about it.  Bruni, who has seen the film, writes, that "some of the people who are assertively promoting “Won’t Back Down” are those who cast teachers’ unions as a titanic impediment to the improvement of public education. So 'Won’t Back Down' is emerging as the latest front in the continuing war between those unions and their legions of critics, and it has become yet another example of how negatively those unions are viewed."  Here's the trailer:

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