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Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, Man: Rocker Loses Van

A few days back I tweeted the lament by terrific indie rocker Joseph Arthur that, while away, his van had been towed by NYC (for unpaid tickets),  and somehow it and its contents--vintage musical equipment and many of his paintings (he is a serious artist)--sold.  I have been a Twitter and Facebook friend of Arthur's since the end of last year after I covered his appearance at Zuccotti Park and his Occupy-inspired song "Travel As Equals"--see terrific version below that he did on Letterman (I dubbed it the song of the year).

Anyway, now the NYT has covered his plight.  His lawyer, Bill Kunstler's old partner and then radio personality Ron Kuby, is handling his case, begging for the buyer to have a heart. 

UPDATE  Arthur reports today,  "We found the guy who has the van but he only speaks Spanish. Now we are looking for an ace Spanish speaking interpreter."  Later adds, guy is thinking about doing the right thing over next 48 hours.

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