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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poll: Ryan Hasn't 'Moved the Needle'--And More Bad News for Mitt

Forget all the media blather about Paul Ryan's impact on the race. New NBC/WSJ poll just leaking out (full results at 6:30 pm) shows that the Ryan pick is, at best, a wash. In fact, 23% in new poll said now less likely to vote for Romney vs. 22% more likely.   WSJ piece uses phrase: "has not moved the needle."  The survey "also shows a close split on Mr. Ryan’s favorability ratings, with 33% of registered voters saying they have a very positive or somewhat positive view of the congressman and 32% describing their feelings as somewhat negative or very negative."

UPDATE: More results released by NBC just now, see full poll.  Obama overall up 48%-44%, down from a 6% lead.  Romney also cut lead in 12 swing states from 8% to 3%.  But a big one:  50% approve Obama's stance on Medicare vs. 34% for Romney.  Gender gap:  Obama up among women 51% to 41%.  Also leads among Latinos by 2-1.  Romney leads with seniors  49%-41%. 

Recent news has made 32% feel "more positive" about Romney and 44% less positive.  Also more think Romney out of "mainstream" than Obama.  Full results at 6:30 pm ET.

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