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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Santa' Wins GOP Primary, May Head to Congress

You may recall our recent posting on Tea Party / libertarian Kerry Bentivolio, a reindeer farmer also known for dressing up as Santa (left).   He seemed headed for an unlikely GOP primary win in Michigan for Congress (backed by both Ron and Rand Paul)  with only a desperate write-in effort for an opponent named Nancy Cassis his only obstacle.  Well, he did win today, so it should be fun.  His Dem opponent is not exactly formidable in this GOP-leading district so Santa may go all the way.  From tonight's Detroit News: "Dubbing him 'Krazy Kerry,' Cassis unearthed a 2011 low-budget movie Bentivolio played a role in that implied the fictional president was responsible for the [Sept. 11] terrorist attacks." Indeed, it is in part a "Truther" wonderland.

Highlights from that so-bad-it's-classic film The President Goes to Heaven below, which includes this immortal line, uttered by a nurse about the George W. Bush-like president: "You were one of the most powerful men on earth and now you've pooped your pants." It has a slot at IMDB, with Kerry, as the doctor,  getting listed first among the actors.

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Colin Swales said...

This guy is quite the actor - as good as Ronnie Reagan !