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Friday, September 21, 2012

Look: "Homeland" Angles

Okay, fellow Homeland fans,  I hope this won't be an (electro-) shock, but here's a NYT feature coming this Sunday on Claire Danes, which previews the coming season at least a little.   We see her on the set, mainly in Israel, and talks a good deal about playing a bi-polar character--so convincingly she gets letters from bi-polar fans very worried that she really will be stuck with it now.  BTW, she has signed on with the series for seven years, if it goes that far.  An Emmy may be coming her way this Sunday.  I didn't totally buy her portrayal as a CIA agent but found her breaking down in the final three episodes as among the best TV acting ever.

PLUS:  They've just posted online a lengthy Q & A with "Brody," Damian Lewis.  Quite witty.  Here's how he describes his famous dinner with the Homelander-in-Chief. 
It was unforgettable — sitting at the president’s table next to Warren Buffett, hearing about Warren Buffett’s high school reunions. Talking to the president about your energy policy and his views on the geopolitical map of the next 100 years, and hearing him say that on Saturday afternoons Michelle and the girls go and play tennis and he goes in the Oval Office and pretends to work, and he puts his feet on the desk and switches on “Homeland.” How amazing is that?

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