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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama Lead Shrinking?

On a day when, post-Romney video, everything seems rosy for Obama, a new daily Gallup tracking poll, just released, finds his lead down to 1% in the seven-day average--despite the fallout from Romney's Libya/Egypt comments a few days ago.  Last week, at the end of his post-DNC bounce, the president led by 7% and some felt it might stay at that level.

Of course, this is just one poll and some others continue to show a wider lead.  Also, state polls continue to look good for Obama, including new ones from Virginia today which seem to push that key state in his direction.  Rasmussen, of course, now puts Romney in the lead--actually, a good thing, as it will feed GOP and Fox confidence.

Bonus: Here's new Romney ad aimed at women--includes shameless use of very cute baby.  Probably another moocher, however.  Just takes and takes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Romney,

Your campaign is a sinking ship, full of rats.