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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'Vanity Fair' Leaks Part of Its Obama Profile

There's been a lot of buzz since it was revealed that Michael Lewis was granted wide access to President Obama and would be writing about it right in the middle of the current campaign, with no holds barred, for Vanity Fair.  Now they've started putting some of it out and cherry picking excerpts and quotes (plus see photo of the two taking a break during a b-ball game).  And here's a separate extract surrounding his decisions relating to attacking Libya.

One excerpt, Obama on faking emotion: "I feel it is an insult to the people I’m dealing with. For me to feign outrage, for example, feels to me like I’m not taking the American people seriously. I’m absolutely positive that I’m serving the American people better if I’m maintaining my authenticity. And that’s an overused word. And these days people practice being authentic. But I’m at my best when I believe what I am saying.”

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