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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Akin Busted (Again)

Rapidly evolving story, with summary here from Salon with links:  It turns out--according to a forthcoming St. Louis Post-Dispatch probe-- that Todd Akin, the legitimate rape guy, was arrested not once but four times in the mid-1980s in protests at abortion clinics, and had to be literally carried off at one of them.  Earlier today he had been linked to a militant anti-abortion activist tied to militias.  The latest came about when a reporter at the Post-Dispatch emailed draft of his story to check facts or quotes to Akin's spokesman,  who leaked it to the press to maybe control the damage.

UPDATE: The story has just been posted by the newspaper.
The liberal group People for the American Way, which has been hammering at Akin's past in the anti-abortion movement, said that past should disqualify him from office.
“We wondered why the Akin campaign broke its promise in late September to provide details about his arrest. Now we know why,” Michael Keegan, president of the group, said in a written statement.
“. . . These were not non-violent protests. These were aggressive, physical efforts to shut down clinics . . . What’s remarkable is how long Todd Akin has been able to hide these incidents.”

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