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Monday, October 8, 2012

Lincoln for President!

NYT with web piece just now on surprise 3rd candidate in this year's race, name of Lincoln, from Illinois, former rail splitter, lanky bearded fellow.    Both candidates have invoked him on the trail--and remember Obama, when he woke up, trotting him out during the debate.  The Spielberg trailer  is everywhere.  
The Lincoln offered by the Romney campaign is, by contrast, a mascot for laissez-faire capitalism. In the aftermath of the “47 percent” controversy last month, Peter Wehner, an advisor to the Romney campaign, wrote a blog post for MittRomney.com enlisting Lincoln in an attack against the Obama administration’s alleged record of “economic stagnation, increasing dependency, and the expansion of the Nanny State.” According to Mr. Wehner, Lincoln would have had none of this

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