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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Won't Bounce?

UPDATE #2   Just released Reuters-Ipsos poll touts a big Romney gain overnight after the debate--but "big" seems to amount to 2%, which certainly could be zero, given the margin of error.  He improves on several topics but not much so far in getting votes.  Still trails by 5%.   See analysis by Markos.   He notes only gains for Romney among GOPers.

UPDATE #1  In a somewhat shocking finding that should make Obama-ites feel a little better, Gallup daily tracker  at 1 pm just found his approval rating surged 4% to 54%.  True, it does not measure any post-debate falloff (it's a three-day average) but it reveals strong position he was in.  It's his highest rating since, get this, 2009.  He also maintained his 4% edge over Romney in the head-to-head, which weighs average over 7 days.

Interesting that even in that CNN instant poll that found easy win for Romney in the debate--Obama's approval rating, of 49% did not suffer at all.  

Earlier:   Don't want to make too much of this but it's interesting: Rasmussen's daily tracking poll, just out, shows Obama maintaining a 2% lead, with no change since yesterday.  I would have thought all of the interviews for this would have been pre-debate last night (the calls are made at night)  but Rasmussen instead says "most" were. Meaning some were post-debate.  Doesn't say how many were post-debate but curious that no Romney bounce at all.  He does point out that only 17% said the debates mattered strongly to them.

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