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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This 'NYT' Response for The Birds?

Well, I missed the whole flap until see this blog posting tonight by new NYT public editor, the very active Margaret Sullivan.  It seems that Andrew Goldman, a freelancer who handles most of those one-page Q & As for the NYT Magazine, stands accused by many women of asking prominent females (from Terry Gross to Whitney Cummings) allegedly sexist questions, usually related to...sex.   Last week he chatted with actress Tippi Hedren who has written a book about rebuffing an abusive Alfred Hitchcock when they were making "The Birds."  So Goldman asked her if she had been tempted to sleep her way to the top with directors in general.  He got hit hard on Twitter, then responded boorishly and worse, and then his Twitter account was de-activated.

Now the Times editors defend his questions, though question his tweets.  But he remains on the job.

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