Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's Poll Stir

Too early to judge effect of debate on the major polls.  Rasmussen this morning cut Romney's lead to one point but only a few in sample from after the debate.  Now Gallup just up with its daily 1 pm tracker, which average seven days and probably includes no one, post-debate.  It has been finding Obama sinking badly in past few days, and down 4% yesterday.  Today:  Romney gains another 2%, and now leads by 6% among likely voters--also gained in reg. voters to get first lead in long time, at 2%. 

I will note again: Romney's "bounce" from the first debate had seemingly ended in most major polls--until the Veep debate when Biden's mugging, in my view, hurt Dems badly, no matter what liberals-in-bubble think.  Polls since then back me up. 

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