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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bradley Speaks

UPDATE  Manning appeared in court on Monday but did not testify.  Likely to happen today, Tuesday.  Follow updates from co-author on my book, Truth and Consequences, Kevin Gosztola, right here

Monday: After years of imprisonment and abuse, and sitting in silence through numerous pre-trial hearings, Bradley Manning is set to actually speak in a military courtroom today, probably only about his ill treatment back at the Quantico brig.  "At least two military psychiatrists are likely to testify Tuesday that they recommended on numerous occasions that Manning be taken off the prevention of injury order. Quantico commanders in charge of the brig during the nine months in which Manning was held there are also believed to be testifying today." Salon has a wrap-up here.   

My recent book and ebook with Kevin Gosztola, Truth and Consequences, covers Manning and the case from the first WikiLeaks leaks to his hearings a few months back.  Follow @kgosztola.  And his preview here.

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