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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Broadwell Flacking for Machine Gun

A few media stories have noted that Paula Broadwell, while busy traveling to Afghanistan, writing a book and allegedly messing around with David Petraeus (and then firing off a bunch of threatening emails), also served as a "model/demonstrator" for a machine gun company.   The company, in fact, is a big one, Kriss, and the machine gun is a .45 caliber Kriss Vector.  I've discovered at their site a promo video that features her flacking for the gun at some length.  Have not yet found the "model" angle, but that could be her "demonstrating" firing the weapon at a couple of points in this video.


Robert Green said...

she and petraeus seem equally awful. so gross.

Ammo said...

I don't understand that what was the purpose of machine Gun over there?