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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cohen, Brother

Terrific new Leonard Cohen appreciation at the NY Review of Books by Ahmed Rashid, from late-1960s to present tour, and his recent chat with him.  One passage:  "Working as a journalist, I have taken Cohen everywhere, through long bouts covering the wars in Afghanistan and Central Asia, including during a stint with the Taliban in the 1990s. Wherever I travel, I still pack him like a sleeping pill, a beautiful ghost you can surrender to, a spiritual man for these unspiritual times, someone with whom you can shed the weight of reality, your fears and concerns.

"Above all, Cohen’s music is about love, tolerance, and beauty."

See his performance, and crowd reaction, on current tour (he is doing three to four hour shows at age 78, suck on that Brucie).  Notice him skipping on stage.   Plus, see his latest hymn.  h/t Stu Levitan.

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