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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stay Out of That Cadillac, Kids

UPDATE:  NYT reports tonight that this fellow now has warrant out on him for 11 felony cases of abuse.

Earlier:  It's been a cultural icon for more than thirty years, a wacky Amarillo tourist attraction, even the title of a Springsteen song.  That could only be the Cadillac Ranch.  Now its "founder--Stanley March 3--has been named by several John Does as the man who sexually abused them when they were teens.  “I think most people in Amarillo appreciate it as a work of art, and really don’t think of it in the context of its donor any more than people concentrate on whatever Van Gogh’s psychological problems were in appreciation of his art,” said State Senator Kel Seliger, a Panhandle Republican and the city’s former four-term mayor. “One should always take allegations of indecency with a child seriously. But at this point they are just that, they’re allegations.” (NYT photo above.)

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