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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Late Saturday Updates on Petraeus Scandal

--From NYT:  FBI whistleblower contacted office of Rep. Eric Cantor to reveal Petraeus affair--and claim that classified info was leaked.  The informant was brought to Cantor’s attention by Rep. David Reichert (R-Wash.).  Hoo-boy.

Indeed, FBI agents "also discovered that Ms. Broadwell possessed certain classified information, one official said, but apparently concluded that it was probably not Mr. Petraeus who had given it to her and that there had been no major breach of security."

--More late news and speculation tonight from WSJ--behind pay wall, but Boing Boing helpfully relates.  It seems the woman Paula Broadwell was allegedly threatening over Petraeus lived in Florida.  And perhaps she was not a rival in love but someone threatening to blow the affair sky high--say, a reporter?

"Initial media speculation was that this 'other woman' was a romantic rival (or perceived as one by Broadwell), but who knows? Bloomberg reports that the emails from Broadwell warned the woman to 'stay away from' the general. But what if, instead, the target of Broadwell's threatening email were someone who knew too much? A woman who had knowledge of the affair and represented a threat of exposure. A Washington insider, maybe a reporter.  'Stay away' not because you're a romantic rival, but because you might out us, and in so doing, destroy our lives." 

--More here.

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