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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petraeus Scandal Expands: Day 5 Updates

Here are links to my items (where you'll find more links)  so far.  U.S. commander in Afghanistan now involved, also via Jill Kelley.  Local paper finds Kelley mired in lawsuits and major foreclosure.   "Shirtless FBI agent" had a key role.   So Kevin Drum claims Petraeus was "undone by the wingnuts." And yes, the first "Downfall"/Hitler parody has arrived. (Photos from The Telegraph, left.)

Then we go to another excellent Amy Davidson piece at The New Yorker, raising various ethical, political, and military/CIA security questions.   Among other thing, she wonders if it's merely "convenient" that David and Paula claim their affair only started after he left the military--if not he violated both adultery and sex harassment (she was a mere reservist) rules. And much more.

I thought it was a joke that a Denver TV station had put up a graphic of the cover of Broadwell's book, All In, but doctored to say, All Up in My Snatch.  This video, via Americablog, proves it's all too true.

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