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Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Shirtless Agent' Killed Man in 2010

The photo all the world has been talking/joking about, even if no one's ever seen it (beyond two people, and a few FBI probers).  Yes, it's the "Shirtless FBI Agent" in the photo with a bunch of (other) dummies that he mailed to Jill Kelley.  Comes via Seattle Times along with this story.

The agent, Fred Humphries, whose named came out last night,  talks to the newspaper, claiming the photo was all a joke and was sent in 2010.  There are other details, such as how he got to Rep. Eric Cantor,  meeting Pettraeus at a party, plus this:  "In May 2010, while an agent in the Tampa field office, Humphries shot and killed a disturbed, knife-wielding man outside the gate of MacDill Air Force Base, where Humphries was training with SWAT and special-forces soldiers."

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