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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anti-Torture Group to Leaflet 'ZDT'

Just got this email from these folks:
With the national opening this weekend of the controversial new film “Zero Dark Thirty,” the National Religious Campaign Against Torture is gathering religious leaders and people of faith across the country to greet moviegoers as they walk into the theater during the film’s opening weekend, to share with them via leaflet handouts the facts about U.S.-government-sponsored torture. I hope you'll consider including in your future coverage of the film this important nationwide awareness-raising effort, Fact Not Fiction. More information on the national effort follows.

Anti-torture advocates have been focusing their efforts this week on exposing the mistruths about torture shown in "Zero Dark Thirty," as well as renewing their ask of President Obama that he keep his promise to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay (tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the day the first inmates were imprisoned there), as well as urging the Senate Intelligence Committee to release the results of its recently adopted report on its three-year investigation into post-9/11 torture to the public.
“Hundreds of thousands of people will see “Zero Dark Thirty,” and many of them will walk out of the theater believing they saw the truth,” said Rev. Richard Killmer, Executive Director of NRCAT.  “But the film is not based on the facts about torture.  It is a work of fiction that depicts graphic acts of torture; it is neither investigative journalism nor congressional oversight.  The movie’s inappropriate – and dangerous – implication that the use of torture by U.S. authorities produced critical intelligence, including finding Osama bin Laden, is inaccurate.”

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