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Monday, January 28, 2013

Deaf Jam Coming!

Excited to reveal that I will be intimately involved as co-host and curator in a unique, year-long Beethoven festival based here in Nyack, N.Y.  (home of the well-regarded Carnegie Concert Series) but appealing to fans throughout  upstate New York, NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut.  In fact, it is titled "Journeys With Beethoven," after my new book with Kerry Candaele.  It will include dozens of concerts, film showings, a Marathon at the Mall, a massive choral sing-out, rock-and-jazz-with-Ludwig, a theater piece, events and recitals for young folks, and much, much more.

It kicks off on Feb. 4 with a free event--the first of monthly get-togethers ("meet-ups with music," we call them)  focused on Beethoven with a discussion, live performance, film excerpts and guests, at Nyack Library.  Then a co-sponsored screening in Nyack on Feb. 13 of the terrific A Late Quartet, with a panel (including well-known former members of quartets) to follow.   The first two concerts at the library in the festival are March 2 and March 23.  Later: the complete string quartets, Diabelli variations, and Choral Fantasy, all live-streamed nationally and internationally.  And throughout: full public participation, joining in with their own Beethoven music.   So stay (well) tuned!

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