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Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Away With Rape

In light of current Steubenville case:  A flier (left) advising male students how to "get away with rape" was posted lag October at a Miami University (Ohio) lavatory, including slipping a girl a date rape drug or perhaps "slitting her throat" to prevent her from testifying.  This prompted a university meeting with male students in the hall and attempts to ID the creator.  The student pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct--and paid a fine of some kind, probably no more than $100.  He left the school or was expelled.   The court sealed all records, and kept his name from being published, and media protested.

Students criticized the school for not revealing the existence of the flier until a story appeared in a local newspaper. As for the ruling on the perp, the local prosecutor said, "My concern was acceptance of responsibility.  There's a realization by all concerned, especially by the young man, that this was a really dumb thing. This is one of those cases where you say, 'Why make a federal case out of it?'"

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