Monday, January 14, 2013

Rand Paul Cover-up?

You may recall brief news reports nine days ago concerning Rand Paul's son William Paul, 19,  getting arrested at an airport in Charlotte for being drunk and disorderly, and consuming alcohol under age.  Embarrassing all around and that's about it.

Today it emerges that young Paul was also charged, at the time, with something quite a bit more serious--assault on a  female flight attendant.  But as this report from the Charlotte Observer points out,  "Initial news reports last week did not cite the assault charge, but it is unclear why that charge was not reported at the time."  Also:  "Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Lt. Shawn Crooks said that all of the charges against Paul were filed Jan. 5 but did not know why the assault charge had not been reported in the media."

So: Did Senator Paul move to quash that key detail in the media?  Or was it just poor press performance?   What exactly was the nature of the assault--a new form of going Galt?--and what set it off?  Stay tuned.  Another issue: Did US Airways serve young Paul booze on the flight?  They deny it.   

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