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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shooting at Houston Campus

Here's bulletin below via NYT.  Elsewhere reports of at least three injuries.  Campus evacuated--or at least that was the call.  Note: Gun nuts call for allowing kids and teachers to carry weapons on campus.  Well, in good old lax Texas, reportedly two involved in this shooting--showing what can happen when argument gets out of hand and people are packing.
A college in Houston on Tuesday moved to evacuate its campus after reports of a shooting and some injuries.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said it was responding to a report of shooting at the north Harris County campus of Lone Star College in Houston. The campus, at 2700 West W. Thorne Drive, near George Bush International Airport, is about 20 miles north of downtown Houston.

The college posted an alert on its Web site at 12:47 p.m. local time asking students and faculty to “take immediate shelter where you are.” Live video from the scene showed emergency responders at the campus. At 1:08, the college posted this alert: “LSC-North Harris campus evacuation is in progress. A couple of armed suspects reported.; injuries reported."

It was not immediately clear how many people may have been injured or whether a gunman was in custody.

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