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Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama Wakes Up

After an illuminating tour through the oh-so-objective new Bush Library (perhaps with guide Judy Miller), President Obama today ordered the re-invasion of Iraq.  Actually, his logic is at least as valid as Bush's in 2003.  And maybe he just wants to land on an aircraft carried in a flight suit.  Well, according to The Onion:
The president told reporters that the museum’s numerous displays provided illuminating information concerning the ongoing threat posed by Iraq and the necessity of re-deploying combat troops in order to bring stability and lasting democracy to the troubled country.
“I have no doubt in my mind, after spending some time in Mr. Bush’s library and museum, that the United States simply must intervene in Iraq in order to temper volatility in the Middle Eastern region as a whole,” Obama said, noting that bombers and approximately 250,000 ground troops were currently en route to the Middle Eastern nation. “The way I now see it, we have a responsibility as Americans to create that kind of change and to lead the world by example.”
“Though it will not be easy, our work in Iraq will ensure a better life for the Iraqis,” Obama continued. “And they will, I am confident, greet us as liberators.”

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