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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Colbert vs. Morning Joe on S. Carolina Race

Stephen Colbert last night endorsed his sister, after mocking Morning Joe crew for backing Sanford with wet kisses (or worse, ahem, in the case of Mike Barnicle).  Also points out she leads in two new polls. Watch:

Also:  NYT with a couple of good new looks at the showdown for Congress in S. Carolina between "Trail" blazer Mark Sanford and Stephen Colbert's sis.   First, a news story, where sis is deemed good-looking enough to win--I kid you not, Nation.  Plus photo of Mark's Trail mate.  Then reliable Gail Collins takes a gander.
At his victory party, Sanford said the campaign had been “an amazing journey.” Since the great disaster of 2009, Sanford has taken to mentioning “this journey called life” rather frequently. Perhaps, in a perfect world, a guy who got in trouble for jetting off to assignations on the taxpayers’ dime would not focus quite so much on travel metaphors.
Sanford will now run against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a local businesswoman and sister of the comedian Stephen Colbert. She seems to be planning a deeply noncomedic campaign. But, still, hosting this race would be way more fun than being in Texas, wondering whether Rick Perry is going to run for a fourth — or is it fifth? — term.

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