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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Unanswered Questions About Thursday Night

Weigh in below or via Twitter if you wish.  Still no explanation at all for 1) why two suspects shot MIT cop who was just sitting in his car  2) carjacked that SUV 3) told SUV owners they were bombers  4) provide your own.   If idea is that they wanted to die, why didn't they later kill themselves?

Also, as I asked two days ago but media show little interest: How did they get their guns? Normally when cop is killed that is asked forcefully. And Massachusetts tough gun control state.   Internet?  Gun show?  Buddies?  And how NRA policies "hobbled" Boston manhunt.

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Dan Kervick said...


They panicked when their photos were released to the public. From that point on, they assumed they would be recognized wherever they went.

The cop made eye contact with them, and perhaps was starting to use his radio. They assumed they had been spotted and killed him.

They carjacked a car to get a vehicle to run, one that wouldn't be identified for a while.

They told the owner they were the bombers because it was a fast way to frighten the owner out of the car. But maybe they also just wanted to impress the owner.

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