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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dead Friend of Boston Bomber Unarmed When Killed

UPDATE Friday  My new piece at The Nation on all this. 

UPDATE Thursday  And now, official version #5:  The bad guy suddenly had a "pole" that he hit agent with--and also hit him with a table.  Oh, wait, the pole might have been "a broomstick."  And he had to be shot seven times.  I guess the three other cops in the room were playing Angry Birds.

UPDATE  Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic with major take tonight, questioning not just shooting unarmed man but FBI unable to get story straight. 

Earlier: So now it turns out--as we suspected all along--that the friend of Tamerlan the Boston Bomber was unarmed when shot and killed by an FBI agent recently in that infamous incident.  You'll recall that he was in the act of confessing to that triple-murder drug hit (with Tamerlan's help) in Waltham when he suddenly leaped up and, supposedly, attack one of the interrogators and simply had to be shot and killed.  Now it looks like he had not weapon and simply turned over a table and lunged.  Three armed agents apparently couldn't handle it.  I supposed this will only fan the conspiracy nut theories. 

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Anonymous said...

You would think the FBI would have got their story straight before lying to the entire world.