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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jiminy Crickett!

Here's 30-second commercial for that rifle for kids--you know, the one used by boy, 5, this week to plug and kill his sis, age 2.  Mom gave it to him when he was...four.   Note the mention of "safety" in the ad.  Also mom points one at kid in store for a moment.  Shoot a water bottle!  Or shoot a sibling! Fun for the whole family!

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Laurence Glavin said...

Lawrence O'Donnell really tore into the owner of Keystone Sporting Arms Bill McNeal on "The Last Word" Thursday night. The gist of the segment "is there someting that's entirely legal that you WOULDN'T do for money?" Some people might answer "making guns for little children". To Bill McNeal, that is exactly what he DID do! Oh, by the way: Crickett Firearms is a division of Keystone Sporting Arms 155 Sodom Road, Milton, PA 17847. I said 155 SODOM ROAD.