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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Babbling Brooks 'Disgraceful' This Time

I've been tougher on David Brooks than most, stretching back years, decades, so glad to see the great Amy Davidson of the New Yorker call a spud a spud--labeling Dave's now infamous column about inherentlymentally weak Egyptians "disgraceful." Just one bit:
Maybe Brooks didn’t mean it the way it sounds—the way it is written, in plain language. The echo here is less Kipling than it is Al Campanis, who in 1987 said that blacks in baseball didn’t have the “necessities” for managerial jobs. What Brooks can’t claim is that it’s unfair to take his words amiss. Those two sentences are unsalvageable, and if they don’t convey what Brooks believes then he should take them back and apologize.  

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