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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zevon, Ten Years Sleeping While Dead

Epic piece at The Guardian looks back at life, career and troubles of Warren Zevon, ten years after his death.  Some brutally frank assessments by family members and friends, plus tributes from the likes of Stephen King and Jackson Browne.  Lot of interviews and fresh takes.

Zevon continued to make music but his addictions – mainly to alcohol – grew worse until 19 March, 1986, when he officially cleaned up. Sadly, other problems took their place. Zevon had always suffered from obsessive compulsive disorders, but they had largely been covered up by the substance abuse. Now, they came to the fore and, until he learned how to manage him, almost overwhelmed him. But they also brought him a new friend in the form of Billy Bob Thornton, who happened to be a neighbour and fellow sufferer. Zevon approached him one morning at their mailboxes when he saw Thornton taking his post in and out of his box and said quietly: "Oh, so you have that too."

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