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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Neil Young's Tribute to Phil Ochs

Update:  Nice to see Neil Young again paid tribute to Phil Ochs--"one of the greatest poets" and "one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived"--at his Carnegie Hall concert last night, according to this NYT review.   Fitting, since it was the site of Phil's was controversial night--coming out for part of the concert in a gold suit in homage to Elvis.  Folks booed.

Earlier: Phil Ochs would and should have been 73 today and enjoying new attention thanks to Llewyn Davis.  Don't miss, from recent Farm Aid,  amazing opening Intro, Neil Young talks about Phil Ochs killing himself, hails him as one of our greatest poets, talks back to impatient guy in audience ("I work for me"), then sings Phil's "Changes."   I knew Phil a little in the 1970s, as he fell apart, sweet guy when not crazed.  Last saw him swinging a golf club over his head at a party at Bill Kunstler's.  Sad.  Then Phil himself below that

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