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Monday, January 6, 2014

Another '60 Minutes' Fiasco

Just in the past few months we've witnessed horrific, biased, error-laden "60 Minutes" reports on (for starter) disabled Americans, Benghazi and the NSA.   And the hits keep coming.  Just yesterday: a one-sided and misleading critique of clean energy and government funding.   Here's a review at The Nation and another at Think Progress's Climate Progress blog. From the latter:
Besides the fact that the piece made no mention of climate change — which is one of the stronger arguments behind cleantech — the report largely passed over the recent explosive growth in wind power, solar power, LED lights and electric vehicles.
But it’s not like 60 Minutes wasn’t told about the recent major successes in the clean tech industry. Robert Rapier, Chief Technology Officer at Merica International, was interviewed by 60 Minutes, and spoke to them at length about cleantech’s many successes. But the only comments included were ones about cleantech investor Vinod Khosla, who CBS asserts is “known as the father of the cleantech revolution” (he is not).

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