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Monday, October 21, 2013

Another School Shooting, This Time Nevada

Tuesday update:   Parents of shooter may face charges, as he clearly had access to gun.  USA Today in editorial calls for law mandating "locks" on guns.

Earlier:  Happened about six hours ago but details still slim.   Seems that kid in middle school fired on math   teacher, shot him dead, wounded two other students (at least one seriously), then died--self-inflicted or shot by cops.   School evacuated and it's over.  Motive unknown.  Some refer to teacher as hero but unclear why if true.   Name of shooter and victim not released.  

Update: Teachers' name released.  He was also in the National Guard.  Now witnesses say it started with the student shooting a classmate at or near a basketball court and the teacher came to investigate and was shot there.  

Update #2: Police now say kid used semi-automatic handgun, and then killed himself.  Remember this is middle school. Teacher had served tours in Afghanistan--then gunned down in a USA school for pre-teens.

Update #3: Witness  on CNN claims shooter was "nice kid" had complained about bullying, even during shooting asked, "Why are you making fun of me?"  Used parents' gun. 

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